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Hannah is an absolute gem of a dog sitter, and I couldn't be more thrilled to share my glowing review of her exceptional services. From the moment I entrusted her with the care of my beloved Granola, she has consistently demonstrated unparalleled competence, reliability, responsibility, dependability, and above all, trustworthiness. Transitioning from Rover to her own pet-caring business was a testament to Hannah's dedication and passion for the well-being of furry companions. Granola's adoration for her speaks volumes, and it's evident that their bond is built on genuine affection and mutual respect. Hannah's commitment to Granola's happiness and health extends far beyond the basics of dog walking. She goes the extra mile by providing grooming services, including baths and nail trims, ensuring Granola not only looks his best but feels his best too. During a particularly challenging time when I had to leave Granola for an extended business trip, Hannah proved herself to be a true lifesaver. Her daily photo updates provided me with much-needed peace of mind, allowing me to remain connected with my furry friend despite the distance. When a fire alarm was set off while I was away on a business trip, Hannah's bravery and quick thinking shone brightly. She not only prioritized Granola's safety but also his emotional well-being, hand-carrying him down 15 flights of stairs when he was too scared to descend on his own. This act of kindness and dedication is a testament to Hannah's character and her unwavering commitment to the animals in her care. In addition to her exceptional skills as a pet caregiver, Hannah's pleasant demeanor and warm personality make her an absolute joy to work with. Her genuine love for animals radiates in everything she does, and I have complete confidence in her ability to provide Granola with the love, care, and attention he deserves. In summary, I cannot recommend Hannah highly enough. She is not just a dog sitter but a true friend to Granola and me. With Hannah, I know that Granola is in the best possible hands, allowing me to go about my day with peace of mind and a grateful heart.

Moon Yun P. 


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