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Paws for Thought

I have always been entrusted to care for the pets of my family and friends, starting ever since I was a young teen! In 2019, my love for animals became further solidified when I helped co-found Aloha Animal Sanctuary, a sanctuary providing refuge to over 35 rescued animals in need. In 2022, I began professionally pet-sitting for clients across O'ahu, providing a variety of services such as dog walking, sitting, and grooming! I saw the need for trustable, reliable, and loving pet sitters on O'ahu and started my latest venture as the owner of Aloha Pet Sitters in 2024, hoping to support Hawaii's pet owners to provide their beloved furry, feathered, and hoofed family members the best lives possible! I have experience with dogs, cats, chickens, bunnies, guinea pigs, goats, sheep, ducks, pigs, horses, pigeons, and more! I have an unwavering love towards all species and believe that all animals are deserving of lives filled with love, dignity, and respect. 

Certified Professional Pet Sitter by Pet Sitter's International

5+ years of experience with multiple species

Insured & Bonded by Pet Insurer's of the Carolinas 

Limited Liability Company


A Trusted Source for Animal Care

January 2019 - Present

Co-founder & Leadership Member at Aloha Animal Sanctuary

I served as the Director of Animal Care from 2020-2022 and the Animal Health Manager from 2022-present! I have experience trimming bird, cat, dog, and pigs nails/hooves! I also provide routine vaccinations to goats, sheep, and pigs residing at the Sanctuary. 

November 2022 - Present

Volunteer at Hoof, Talon, & Paw

I assist with animal care tasks such as cleaning enclosures, routine grooming, hoof care, medication administration, and enrichment for the animals at the rescue organization. 

2022 - Present

Pet Sitter

I started professionally pet-sitting back in 2022, and have been expanding my clientele ever since! It has been incredibly rewarding to help people, help their pets, and meet so many loving, dedicated pet owners. 

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